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Build a winning CRM business case in wealth management

A comprehensive guide designed to help you kick-start a CRM wealth initiative

The wealth management industry is a turbulent period and if your firm is not already well on its way to becoming digitally agile, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to disruption. Increased regulation, robo-advisors and a new generation of digitally savvy investors are fundamentally changing the way the wealth management industry works.

Yet, whilst external challenges are of course a major reason for adopting a digital mindset, Touchstone also knows that firms put themselves at a disadvantage by resolutely clinging to traditional methods and ways of working, refusing to accept that their industry is going through a period of considerable change.

And, with customer experience now a key area for wealth firms, it is how you respond to this demand for an greater client experience that will be a determining factor in your firms success in 2018 and beyond.

Win internal support to help your wealth firm successfully navigate a changing landscape

Touchstone knows that there professionals in wealth management who having seen the shifting landscape and want to be proactive, yet they are stifled by internal bureaucracy and a silo mentality which can be hard to overcome. That is why Touchstone has created ‘The Wealth Management Guide to CRM’.

In four chapters, Touchstone helps you not only better understand why CRM is crucial for meeting the needs of today’s wealth management firm, but also provides you with an easy to understand, step-by-step guide which clearly guides you through the steps required to win internal support from key stakeholders.

Guiding you through initial scoping, data management, the questions to ask your respective teams and how to avoid common pitfalls, this guide will help lay the foundations for developing a winning CRM business case.

Download ‘Building the CRM Business Case in Wealth Management’ today and take the first step to kick-starting a successful CRM initiative.

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