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A Digital Thought-Guide for Wealth Management

5 Key Insights to Survive & Thrive

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Intelligent Digital Business Applications For Wealth Management

Growing a wealth management business to the next level requires a new set of capabilities. You need the ability to not only identify and attract a new and different type of client but also to build and maintain often complex long-term relationships with them.

In this paper, we explore five essential sources of insight your Wealth Management firm may currently be missing.

1. The Digital Body Language

Greater demands in due diligence = a greater need to handle data processing and reporting to meet regulatory requirements and risk management criteria.

2. Relationships & your Firm 

Are you reluctant to open the flood gates to cost & disruption? No one says it’s easy to make the case for investment in Business Applications for Wealth Management…but have you assessed the potential it brings to business growth.


3. Social Network Activity

Is adopting new technology just a ‘nice to have’ for your firm?  This misconception can have serious consequences in your ability to deliver core investment and relationship management.

4. Long term Opportunities

A new generation of younger and digitally aware investors are active in the market and on the rise.  Are you prepared to meet the demands of this always-on generation?


5. Risk & Compliance Factors

Have you thought about the risks and potential of adoption or refusal?  How effectively can you then evaluate your target businesses?

The Courage to Act

If you don’t currently have an up-to-date operation it’s time to start considering how best to acquire intelligent business applications know-how and get your firm in a tech-savvy position.


Get on the path to securing your firm’s future.

A thought paper for Wealth Management Business Leaders 2016

5 key insights you need to survive and thrive –   based on our own experience of working with Wealth Management businesses large and small to design and configure digital business applications that deliver the insight and functionality they need to grow.

“… wealth management is seen to be one of the sectors most vulnerable
to disruption, with more than a 1/5th of such business believed to be at risk.”
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