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The Business Guide to CRM

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A Complete ‘How-to’ for Delivering Successful CRM

A good business case can be a great start to get your senior management teams and end users on board

This ‘how to’ guide brought to you by Touchstone CRM in association with explains how to avoid the CRM project pitfalls and achieve long lasting CRM success outlined in simple strategic steps. Establishing the necessary processes for change and creating an effective technology foundation for ongoing improvement in the future.

At its core a CRM is the method by which everyone in your organisation engages with its customers. Measuring marketing value against spend, improving customer satisfaction, effective management of the sales pipeline and delivering successful & profitable client projects can all be achieved with a successful CRM.

“We hope you find this guide useful and that it kick-starts your journey to becoming part of the growing number of CRM initiatives being highlighted as ‘success’ stories” – Jeremy Ward, Head of CRM Consulting, Touchstone Group.

Avoid the Pitfalls, Define the Outcome.. 

Within every successful CRM deployment there are common methods you should abide by – all of which have been outlined in this Business Guide for CRM

Business Case for CRM

Having a vision for what you want CRM to achieve is vital. Essentially, what is the problem that you are trying to fix, or the opportunity that you are trying to unlock.

CRM Implementation 

Deployment must focus on the objectives laid out in the business case, along with an understanding of the hurdles that stand between you and a successful roll-out.


Piloting  & Phasing 

Given the cross- functional nature of any deployment, it is often regarded as an unmanageable risk to try and launch an entire deployment all at once. A CRM programme is transformational, relying on the right combination of people, process, strategy and technology to succeed.

Data Management

Modern CRM software is sophisticated, flexible and easy to use. However, none of that is relevant if the data held in it is wrong or out of date. Asking basic questions about the shape of the incoming data for a CRM project will help define success.

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CRM Success Metrics

A CRM system will not drive measurable business benefits on its own – the role of the technology must be defined by the benefits it is seeking to deliver. Critical to this evolution is having a process of continuous improvement in place.

User Adoption

Planning how you can phase user adoption of your system in a structured way will almost certainly help reduce the amount of pressure created by change, and make it easier to adopt the new technology.

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The Business Guide to CRM

A Roadmap for Professionals Undertaking a CRM Initiative

Putting a business case in place is often what determines whether a CRM system joins Gartner’s 50% failure rate or whether it prospers.

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