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CRM Implementation Services – ‘Navigate’

What can Touchstone CRM Implementation services do for you?

Our CRM Implementation services methodology ‘Navigate’ focuses on the delivery of business outcomes and on the CRM Vision.

As well as playing a valuable role in projects that require only a light-touch, ‘Navigate’ is robust enough to drive complex deployments that demand high-quality management, documentation, communication, change control and proactive risk management.

How we Implement CRM? 

We identify the most effective and efficient route for achieving these outcomes, incorporating your own business viewpoint and relevant in-house skills.  As part of our ‘Navigate’ methodology we develop a Success Map model to support the CRM Vision by mapping business objectives, key measures, critical dependencies and enablers.   We will execute every phase of the project, from an initial design prototype to an iterative configuration of the business processes and user interface, data migration, functional testing, user acceptance testing, training and deployment.

Interested in finding out more?

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