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Plan & Pilot your CRM Project

A Touchstone engagement always begins with understanding the context and priorities.

What is a Pilot CRM project?

A Touchstone Pilot CRM Project is an initial small scale implementation used to prove the viability of your project idea.  One of the most effective ways to instigate a CRM project,  it is low risk and minimises exposure.

What’s involved in the Pilot CRM project?

We will document your end goals: design and configure a CRM system; import a set of data; and train your Pilot users. Then your team will use the system to support selected real-life customer processes – for sales, marketing or customer service. We will return after an agreed period to assess what’s happened and recommend what to do next.

What’s the benefit of a Pilot CRM project?

From the start you will be able to demonstrate results and gain a good understanding of the type of system and implementation method that suits your needs. You’ll identify whether your users feel happy with it. You will also achieve insight into whether your business is ready for a new CRM system and the amount of time and resource you will need to invest to get your CRM system up and running.

Interested in discovering more?  

Get in touch with one of our experts…also, see if you qualify for a free half day consultancy.


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