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Dynamics 365 for Sales

Digital Intelligence & Collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales  

Boosting Sales is a Top Priority for any Sales-focused Organisation

Effectively prioritise the best opportunities to focus on.  Know your customer’s communication preferences to create a ‘1-2-1’ connections and when to engage in advancing the sales process, without insightful business data this can prove difficult . Gut feel and experience is not enough to boost productivity, build long-standing client relationships & identify winning opportunities.


Sales is Changing  

Sell More by Staying Focused, Working Smarter to Close Deals Faster

Dynamics 365 for Sales gives your team competitive insight by providing intelligent business data and sales collaboration tools – in the office, remotely or via a mobile device. Allowing confident, informed decisions based on customer intelligence. Engage customers with valued, timely and personalised communication.

Key sales processes and repetitive tasks (contact email tracking, shareable tasks, task views and management…etc) are automated maximising the time and focus on selling & closing business faster. A good result for everyone.


Sales Intelligence

See the overall sales picture for your entire business and steer your sales team to anticipate market and customer needs and seize the best opportunities in real time. Make informed decisions based on intelligent data to manage the sales pipeline and identify effective next steps with confidence.


Social Selling for Deeper Relationships

Provide sales with personalised information to deepen one-to-one customer relationships, keeping the conversation alive and relevant. Social media insights, content consumed and up-to-date company information are embedded into the sales process—so your reps know how, where and when to engage.


Planning & Management for Sales

Lead your sales teams confidently with customer insight that clearly shows priorities for your business. Easy-to-use dashboards help you set smart goals and monitor results. Built-in ‘Help’ helps you align your team’s actions with best practices.

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Content Collaboration for Sales & Marketing

Win over customers with personalised content that meets and anticipates their needs and business drivers. Align marketing and sales messaging, maintain brand consistency, and a deliver sales assets (such as presentations, white papers, etc.) to prospects at each stage of the sales cycle.


Mobile Sales Applications

Selling on the move changes the way you do business. Your sales teams need instant access to real-time business information. Stay connected to customers anytime, anywhere, responding instantly to what information they ask for or their changing needs.

Intelligence & Focus For Sales

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For further information to help you find the right Digital Business Applications for your sales team, contact a member of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 team today.

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