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CRM for Wealth Management Firms

Digital Client Engagement for Wealth Managers

Manage client relationships more effectively with Touchstone’s CRM Wealth Management software based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Optimise relationship management, service, mobile, digital services, communications and compliance for intelligent client engagement.

Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you acquire prospective clients, introduce lead and influencer programmes and support and manage clients on the move. You can design and implement a data strategy and access advanced highly customisable analytics that will give you insights to manage clients even better.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s social and communication capabilities can help you ensure you are equipped to handle the demands of a new generation of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

Digital matters for Wealth Management

6 ways our CRM for Wealth Management solution can improve your firm:

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  1. Client Acquisition Solution for Wealth Management
  2. Marketing Automation Platform for Wealth Management
  3. Client Management Solution for Wealth Management
  4. Self-Service Portal for Wealth Management
  5. Conduct Risk Management for Wealth Management
  6.  Business Intelligence (BI) for Wealth Management

A Digital Strategy Guide for Wealth Management 

“Touchstone has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 14 years, but more importantly are a strategic collaborator in the development of Microsoft’s Business Applications for Customer Management excellence. Having successfully delivered over 400 Microsoft Dynamics projects proves their winning expertise and approach”
Laura Bouchard, Microsoft UK Partner Sales Director

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