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Digital Business Applications for Professional Services and Consulting

Dynamic and customer orientated consulting businesses are those that keep ahead. Better service and more responsive customer engagement wins trust, retention, referral and ultimately new business.

The quest for innovative thinking is leading clients to demand more from their consultancy partners; often calling upon them to lead digital transformational change based on new technologies and varied working styles. At the same time, the current changes in the political and economic environment are promoting clients to seek the advice and guidance of expert consultancies to help them navigate the new landscape.

We base our intelligent digital business solutions on Microsoft Dynamics

A powerful and flexible cloud-based applications platform to support long-term, sustainable business growth for consulting & services firms. Satisfy customer and employee expectations with familiar and intuitive tools that empower collaboration & productivity from anywhere, across a variety of devices.

Understanding and reacting to a customers’ needs is now more vital than ever

Intelligent customer analytics give employees the relevant insights they need to better understand and engage with customers, ensuring not only long-term retention and resulting customer referrals but also what attracts new business clients.  That means being able to extract insight at an individual customer level to stay a ‘step ahead’ of their needs and also identify ‘trends’ to efficiently target new business opportunities.

To respond to these demands and to stay relevant and competitive consultancies are having to rethink everything: from the services they deliver to the way they deliver them, how they charge, and the type of skills they hire. Intelligent digital business applications can support these business initiatives-delivering powerful insight into clients changing needs, enabling the efficient delivery of new and traditional services and supporting a dynamic business culture that attracts the top talent.

“Touchstone has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 14 years, but more importantly are a strategic collaborator in the development of Microsoft’s Business Applications for Customer Management Excellence. Having successfully delivered over 400 Microsoft Dynamics projects proves their winning expertise and approach”
Laura Bouchard, Microsoft UK Partner Sales Director

“Our Professional Services and Consulting clients specialised in Management Consultancy, Strategy & Operations, I.T, Business Development & Marketing, Property, Accounting & Business Consultancy Services”

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