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Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Connected & Responsive

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation 

Manage your Projects, Satisfy your Clients

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service gives you thorough, connected and responsive project resourcing, tracking and billing.

Your customer has signed the contracts dotted line and everyone’s happy… until service planning and delivery hitches start to creep in. It’s not long before billing errors and project delays begin to undo your good work. The longer and more complex the service project, the more difficult it is to manage and administer. It’s easy to lose track of information when it’s held by multiple teams and individuals across your business.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service is a cloud based single system for customer engagement. To get project planning, delivery, resourcing, billing and tracking right first time and on-time, service organisations need data, information and processes in one place.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience Every Time

A Single System for Customer Engagement


Planning & Estimating

Scope and define multi-day, multi-person engagement accuracy, so you can provide a competitive costing that’s also profitable. Sales and Project Managers can collaborate with ease on estimates using templates. The application also connects with Microsoft Project, strengthening your planning and estimation through to completion.


Resource Management & Team Collaboration

See available people and a comprehensive view of their skills so you can allocate the right teams to deliver on time. Make the best use of your people and optimise utilisation. Appoint the best consultants to each project based on availability, skills and interest – increasing their job enjoyment and fulfilment.


Time & Expenses

Keep an accurate record in one place of everyone’s working time and the costs they incur. Management reports and dashboards show a snapshot at any time so you can keep costs under control and meet the agreed budget. Configurable process flows ensure tasks go smoothly and are recorded at every step.


Customer Billing

Inaccurate and confusing billing causes frustration and affects customer satisfaction. With Dynamics 365 that’s a thing of the past. Single source resource tracking means invoices and time-sheets reflect reality and are easy to understand. One location makes it easier for all to review, override and approve projects against estimates.


Analytics & Integration

Track project schedules and make sure costs, resources and milestones are on target. With clear, real-time dashboards, you can identify potential issues in advance and take action to keep your project on track. Accurate performance metrics across every function help you improve efficiency, collaboration and profitability.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 

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