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A Touchstone business briefing | 27th February 2018 | London

Microsoft Dynamics Reimagined


✓  Held back by outdated processes and old Microsoft Dynamics technologies?

✓  Disconnected teams from low technology adoption?

✓  Cut off from new markets and slow to react to buyers demands?

✓  Untrusted data with security, GDPR and compliance issues?

✓  Customer defection caused from poor behavioural insight?

Has your Microsoft Dynamics platform lost its edge for your business? Or is market change leaving your Microsoft Dynamics capability behind? Then its time to take a hard look at whether your current Dynamics deployment is propelling your business forward or holding it back. Reverse the situation at this short briefing where Touchstone will provide a guide for getting Microsoft Dynamics CRM back into the high performance zone.

WHEN: 27th February 2018

WHERE: The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5AD

TIME: 9:00 – 11:00

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Your business rightly demands continuous payback from your investments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Come and discover how to unlock the hidden business potential from Microsoft Dynamics. Look to the future, expand your Dynamics Platform and support business growth at our morning briefing.

“Touchstone helped us focus on the right elements to have a big impact on our business. They showed us how to recover our Dynamics CRM project and get us back on track to deliver the critical business functions we needed.” Hadley Group  

Join us for our morning briefing to uncover the gaps in your business processes and explore the proven strategies and techniques that drive continuous value from your Dynamics investment. The morning includes a demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams.


Mike circle

Mike Creffield –  Business Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Working with businesses to understand the drivers and critical success factors, Mike ensures a professional pro-active approach delivering customer focused solutions with Dynamics 365.

Dean 3

Dean Carroll  –  General Manager

Dean is a 15-year customer experience strategy & technology veteran. His General Management position providing leadership to the Touchstone CRM Consulting Practice. He has worked for technology leaders Microsoft and Vodafone, built award-winning consulting businesses and oversees transformational cloud CRM projects that create sustained value.

peter cutts

Peter Cutts –  CRM Strategy Consultant

Responsible for all Pre-Sales activity around Microsoft Dynamics CRM for new and existing clients, Peter has helped over 100 organisations develop their CRM strategy and has received the Partner Excellence award from Microsoft.

Jeremy circle

Jeremy Ward –  Head of Consulting

A dynamic Practice Director and Project Manager, specialising in the implementation of enterprise CRM / XRM solutions. Fifteen years of implementing CRM means an appreciation for the good, the bad and the ugly. And how to deliver the good!

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