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CRM in Private Equity

Connected intelligence across your firm

Private Equity is a specialised and demanding sector. Excellent technology solutions exist but a generic enterprise application may not meet your firms particular client, portfolio and operational requirements. Consider a solution that focuses on Deal Flow, Investor Relations, and Fundraising.

Never loose track of your next big investment opportunity or loose investor credibility when using a Touchstone Private Equity CRM solution, helping firms worldwide exploit insight from powerful data analytics, giving company-wide visibility and connected intelligence that empowers faster and more accurate decision-making.

Touchstone in Private Equity

With over 20 Private Equity clients worldwide, the team at Touchstone has years of specialist experience working with Private Equity firms, accelerating business growth with CRM. Our sector knowledge means we understand the commercial priorities and operational imperatives for Private Equity firms and your clients. We also know that you demand value for money, a smooth deployment that doesn’t disrupt day to day deal management and a proven solution that’s easy to use and integrate, demonstrably and quickly contributing to your firm’s outperformance.

60% of the UK’s top ten largest Private Equity firms have chosen to partner with Touchstone. (Source: PEI report, 2016)

The Touchstone Private Equity CRM Accelerator

Built on the market leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the Touchstone Private Equity CRM accelerator is tailored for the specialised needs of the industry, helping firms improve Investor Relations, Deal Flow, Fundraising and Reporting.

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Securing your firm’s future with intelligent business applications.

In this paper, we share our thoughts and insights about why and how effective intelligent business applications for Private Equity and Venture Capitalist firms are being adopted. We discuss the business risks and opportunities of action and ‘do nothing’ approaches to securing your Private Equity firm’s digital future

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