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CRM Project Definition: Validate, Scope & Plan

What’s the CRM Project ‘Definition’ Service?

Our CRM Project Definition service clarifies and details project requirements, helping you gain a better understanding of the business processes. This service allows you to validate the scope, assumptions and estimates required to succesfully plan your CRM Project.

What will Touchstone deliver as part of the CRM Project ‘Definition’ service?

Through a series of meetings and workshops with key team members we will work with you to translate your business objectives into a complete project definition with costs, scope, risks and an implementation plan. We will then deliver a full project definition document that will enable you to allocate the necessary time, budget and resources for a successful implementation. We will also present the definition to senior stakeholders if you wish.

What’s the benefit?

The CRM Project Definition will enable you to understand the full implications and potential benefits, allowing you to make critical decisions from the outset about what to focus on, what to exclude, what to outsource and what to keep in-house. You will have a solid and documented plan to work from, created by CRM experts.

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